How to start your own Egg business

Eggs are a very good source of protein in our diet. Hence it can be easily seen why the demand for poultry eggs is inelastic. Eggs are used widely in most foods and confectioneries. Here is a business plan from poultry of 600 birds from point of lay for the purpose of commercial production of table eggs by use of the battery cage system. In our business, 600 laying birds are housed in a battery system for a period of one and a half years. After which the number will be increased to 5,000 birds in the second year. The number of growing birds is projected to increase in multiples of 2 annually. Our professional knowledge in management, animal husbandry and experience in poultry farming gives us the competitive advantage when it comes to administering medications, health care and feeding nutrition. It is projected that at peak production  in the first year of bird keeping about 60 crates of 30 eggs are produced daily, generating a revenue of about ₦25,500 per day and ₦765,000 per month at the rate of ₦850 per 30 egg crate. Other streams of income for this business are from selling of the spent layers after a year and a half and also selling of the bird’s droppings from the farm for manure. Total gross revenue for could cap at 9,180,000 per annum from 600 laying birds.

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